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Front Doors in Buffalo, NY

Castlegate™ Front Doors featuring Masonite® for Buffalo, NY

The ultimate system that never stops working for you.
We are proud to offer the Castlegate™ Door System, featuring Masonite® doors with advanced Endura components. These high-quality products are fabricated by BWI, combining expertise, service, precision, and technology from the top leaders in the industry. The result is an expertly-crafted door system that saves time, money, and resources for ultimate homeowner satisfaction.
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Our French doors, front doors, patio doors, and more are fabricated and delivered with an adherence to impeccably high standards of consistent. quality.
We offer beautifully designed panels and decorative glass for our exterior doors - made with next-generation performance materials.
We are proud to offer the most advanced, precision-built components in the industry.
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When you install the CastleGate™ Door System, you can be confident that our entry doors will provide your home with the distinctive beauty and precision performance that you can count on. 

It will enhance the look and comfort of your home and satisfy your needs with reliable barriers against the elements.
Higher Standards for Front Doors in Buffalo, NY
The Castlegate™ Door System features refined aesthetics and performance to every last detail, from the authentic architectural design to the precision engineered parts. You get a complete system you can rely on, fabricated to the highest standards of consistent quality in the industry.

Beyond our patio doors and other exterior entry door styles, you will find precision and care through our customer service, the industry’s best at every step in the process. With reliable lead times, superior service, and guaranteed performance, we strive to be the most dependable business partner for our customers. All of this backed by Endura Products' Limited Lifetime Force 5® Warranty.
Entrance Doors Engineered for the Real World
Entrance doors that area engineered to perform and adapt to any conditions, the Castlegate™ Door System was innovated through customer insights and real-world challenges. It has advanced components, like the living hinge and redundant spring assemblies that adapt to changing conditions by overcoming margin variations between the door and the sill. 

This eliminates typical problems associated with exterior door systems, like water infiltration, air leakage, and rotting that happens due to a poor seal.
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